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Supporting School System leaders in Planning for the Future

Aaron Cuny

Founder & CEO

I worked in schools for almost two decades as teacher, school leader, and charter school founder and CEO, ultimately leading our school to some of the top achievement outcomes for low-income students in Washington, D.C.  Most recently, I've supported schools and education-adjacent organizations with research, planning, and leadership coaching. 

I'm now focused on helping schools and school systems leverage AI technology to improve educator efficacy and prepare students for the future.  

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AI and Schools Consortium

In May 2023, we launched a consortium with some of Washington D.C.'s top charter management organizations.  Through training, strategic advising, convening, and collaboration, we aim to build organizational capacity to lead strategically and leverage AI technology to serve educators and students.
In the coming year, we will scale our consortium work beyond DC, documenting and disseminating our learnings to support educators and schools across the country.
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Past Clients and Partners 

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Susan Stevenson

"Aaron did a terrific job consulting for College Track in Spring 2022. He quickly got up to speed on the issues, analyzed data, sensitively interviewed stakeholders, and brought his own expertise to make strong recommendations. He is very smart and strategic and went above and beyond for us. I highly recommend him."

Stacy Kane

"I wholeheartedly recommend Aaron for work on any important project! Aaron recently partnered with my organization for an extensive research project we needed to tee up some critical decisions. I couldn't have imagined a better final product. He has strong attention to detail, is able to think big and strategically, has experience leading a large organization of his own, and cares about the outcome."

Candice Smith

"I worked with Aaron as a partner for five years as he founded and grew Ingenuity Prep. He is a visionary that is particularly strong in creating thoughtful systems to support and grow those he leads. He is relentless when it comes to innovating and improving in the name of students and families. I appreciated how he always pushed my thinking as a thought partner in the work."

Wanda Perez-Brundage

"I have had the pleasure of working with Aaron in school leadership and as an Ingenuity Prep board member. There are few people who are as passionate and dedicated to ensuring student growth and achievement as Aaron. He leads with the students' best interest in mind at all times...When it comes to finding new and better ways to empower students and families, Aaron approaches this with scientific precision and a tremendous amount of heart."

Maura Marino

"I have had the chance to work with Aaron as he developed the vision for and ultimately opened Ingenuity Prep. He is incredibly focused on serving students well, especially students who are furthest from opportunity. He has worked tirelessly over the last 8 years and demonstrated incredible commitment in his work. In particular, he has focused on building an awesome team and thoughtfully using data to drive his decisions. Ingenuity Prep is now a high performing school, supporting students whose education options are often limited, and guiding them on their path to college and civic leadership. You'll find that Aaron is a values driven leader, and Ingenuity Prep's values mirror his own--ambitious aims; listen to lead; dedication to detail; and integrity always."

Lydia Carlis

"I had the privilege of working with Aaron first in my role of Chief of Research and Innovation at AppleTree, and later as a member of the Ingenuity Prep board of directors and chair of our education committee. In both capacities, I found Aaron to be fully engaged as a school and instructional leader, thought partner, and advocate for the highest quality educational opportunities for children most at risk when schools and systems fail them. Aaron asks great questions and shares nuanced insights addressing complex problems. Even through disagreements, and we've had a few (smile), I have never once questioned Aaron's belief in and commitment to the limitless potential of children who look like me. In a city and country that pays lip service to the American dream, Aaron has long been about the work of helping children from underserved communities see and prove what's possible. I would work with him again, and again, and highly recommend him for your next education project, too!"




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